Indigo Web Check in – Saves Your Valuable Time



IndiGo Airlines, which started its operation in the year 2006, is now the largest airline in India, outshining several other major airline brands. Embracing zillions of passengers every day, the airline serves over 33 destinations with more than 410 flights. Carrying a large number of passengers every day is a real tough job and therefore, provisions are being developed every day to make the travel process easier. Indigo web check in is an initiative that reduces hassles of standing in queue and checking in.

The web check-in is a tool where a traveler can confirm traveling in a particular flight way before reaching the airport. Now it is gaining popularity because the web check-in saves a lot of precious time. During travel, time remains one of the key considerations, as every second becomes important. If one becomes late in reaching the airport, then one can easily check in through internet and confirm rather than waiting in ridiculously long queues. The web check-in tool offered by IndiGo Airlines uses interactive technology that improvises the airport experience, promoting the convenience of travelers as well as enabling a trouble-free check-in experience.

While web check-in is available for almost every traveler, there are certain restrictions as well. The web check-in cannot be availed by those groups in which infants and small children are there. Nevertheless, Indigo web check in eases out the troubles that one might face if one reaches late at the airport. Therefore, such new technologies are always welcomed for better service at the airport for the travelers.


Indigo Web Check in – A Better Solution in Air Travel

Indigo is one of the very popular airlines in India, which provides commendable service to the passengers in the domestic sector. The most modern aircraft as well as quality in-flight services make Indigo the most preferred choice of a large number of people. Indigo flight tickets can be booked online comfortably and quickly. Indigo also takes good care of providing the best customer service too with a dedicated call center and online support features. The most advanced feature it now offers to the customers is the Indigo web check in facility.

ImageThis is an innovative concept in air travel that with the web check-in facility, the passengers need not queue up in the airport check-in queues anymore. Instead, you can simply accomplish the check-in task from home or office computer through the official website of Indigo. The process of doing online check-in is also very simple that every can do the task by simply following a few steps as instructed. On completing the web check-in, you can get your boarding pass printed directly from the computer.

The check-in online starts 24 hours before the departure time and usually closes two hours prior to the journey. In between these timings, you can comfortably log on and complete the check-in by making sure that you provide all the details correctly. However, a couple of exceptions in case of Indigo web check in are that if you are having children of below 13 years of age in your group, then online check-in is not possible. Also, if you need some assistance like wheel chair or service for unaccompanied minor, then airport check-in must be done.

Easy, Hassle-Free and Time-Saving Air Ticketing with IndiGo Web Check-In

Web check-in is a customer-friendly service that is provided by the airlines to the prospective passengers to confirm their availability onboard the aircraft through the Internet. It speeds up the check-in procedure and allows the customers to access and print their boarding pass from the computer sitting at home. The IndiGo web check in is an easily accessible online web air ticket service started by the IndiGo Airlins. It is, as of now, available only for domestic flight services and international web check-in service has not yet been initialised.
IndiGo allows web check-in to passengers carrying hand baggage from 48 hours until 2 hours before the departure time of the flight. Customers carrying only a hand baggage can directly proceed to the security counter without approaching the airline’s counter for stamping of the boarding pass. They however have to report at least 45 minutes before the take off of the flight. In the metro cities and other big cities of the country, passengers carrying heavy and excess baggage can drop them off at the IndiGo bag counters, while in all other cities they can drop it at the regular luggage queue.

IndiGo however does not allow web check-in for infants, patients or minors. The cancellation procedure for IndiGo web check in can be performed by calling the airline’s call centre helpline number 9190383838. The airline is strict when it comes to the question of fraud credit card payment, and can cancel the booking and take criminal action against the guilty party.

Use Indigo Web Check In To Avoid Any Last Moment Rush!

Are you looking to take a trip to a place far away from your city? Still not sure where to go? If yes, then don’t woe and start fishing expedition on Google about your dream location. You can also take help of any travel agency, friends and relatives who have been at this kind of place in past. As soon as you draw a conclusion about the holiday destination, next big task for you is to book flight tickets. Though there are many airline companies in India that can endeavor you flights for your next journey but when it comes to travel in best airline, you cannot ignore Indigo. You can also use Indigo web check in service to save your time.


This service rolls over and plays dead to you to check in right from your home while sipping tea with your family. Yes, this is true as you can always save your time which otherwise you have to waste while standing in long queues for hours and hiding place for your turn to come at airport. This service is up for grabs only for domestic passengers. People who check in through web can without deviation go for security checking instead of check-in counters. They have to stock up their bags on special counters at airport. Though Indigo has reserved the rights to make any wax and wane in terms and condition of this service any time without any prior promulgation.

So next time when you book tickets with Indigo, don’t consign to oblivion Indigo web check in service to save your time which you can use elsewhere.